Old clothes in a new shine

If you’re currently on Instagram and the like, you can’t miss it, whether it’s the playful floral dresses from the 70s, the flashy colourful tracksuits from the 80s or the band shirts with all-over prints from the 90s.

For some years now, vintage clothes have been experiencing such a revival that one can no longer speak of a hype, but more of a movement.

This is evident not least in the fact that, after small retailers led the way in selling vintage clothing (= approx. 20 years and older), the big fast fashion giants like H&M and Zara are now also jumping on the bandwagon.

But what makes vintage clothes like the ones you can buy in our SHOP so special and why is the whole topic so appealing?

It’s the young people who buy vintage clothes. In today’s fast-paced world, these young people want to stand out and express their individuality. Doing something good for the environment and looking cool at the same time makes the whole thing perfect.

And that is exactly what is possible by buying old clothes.

The attraction? The good feeling when buying, because the clothes are

  • sustainable
  • high quality
  • limited
  • cross-stylistic

The last point in particular, that the clothes are cross-style, is striking.

People jump through the decades with their outfits and even combine garments from different decades completely freely with each other.

Perhaps this can be seen to some extent as a liberation from trends set by the fashion industry, in line with the motto: “Long live individualism!”

The fact is, clothes are being sold en masse and more and more.

From the collectors, the goods go to the vintage fashion wholesalers like us, Vintage Fiasco, and from there via the retailers to the end customers.

To return to the question of what makes the subject so appealing.

It’s the freedom to combine rare high-quality clothing according to one’s own wishes without having to pay vast sums of money for it.

And for this very reason, vintage fashion will be a topic that will not disappear any time soon.